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Wood Grades

Birch Creek Millwork – Wood Grades

What does “Grade” mean when purchasing wood?

When hardwood is milled into individual boards, it is graded (or divided) into different categories based on how much character each board has. “Character” refers to the size and quantity of knots, mineral streaks and other natural imperfections that give each board a unique look. The grades available at Birch Creek Millwork are:

Alpine Original

Smooth white oak hardwood flooring.
Smooth walnut hardwood flooring.
Smooth hickory hardwood flooring close up.

Birch Creek Millwork’s “Alpine Original” grade has high character, with larger knots, clusters of smaller knots and mineral streaks that add rustic character and natural variation to your floor. Alpine Original grade has higher availability, lower cost / sq.ft. and allows for longer board lengths than our other grades.

Alpine Plus

Smooth white oak hardwood flooring with light knots.

Birch Creek Millwork’s “Alpine Plus” grade has medium character, with fewer knots, knot clusters and other variations between boards than our Alpine Original grade.

Alpine Select

Smooth white oak hardwood flooring without knots.

Birch Creek Millwork’s “Alpine Select” grade has less character. Boards will be generally free of knots and mineral streaks, leaving only thumbtack sized knots (or smaller) that are left in to preserve board length. Alpine select floors tend to have higher costs and shorter board lengths than our other grades.

See how grade affects your custom floor using our Design My Floor tool.

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